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Yo! My name is Dan. I live in Alice Springs, Australia with my wife and our son. My son is disabled and requires a lot of care. However, as well as daily medical care, my son also needs help so he can complete different activities. When my child reached school age, I started to panic because I didn't know how I could provide the stimulation and education he needed. Thankfully, I found a fantastic disability service that was able to offer my son a range of different interventions. I am really pleased with how my son is doing. I hope you like my blog.



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Three Practical Guidelines for Travelling with Disabilities
26 March 2018

The freedom of movement is an important issue for

Three Practical Guidelines for Travelling with Disabilities

The freedom of movement is an important issue for any individual with a disability. However, there are unavoidable issues that you must address if you have limited independent mobility and are planning on taking a long trip. It is crucial to remember that there are no insurmountable challenges. If you are diligent in your planning, you can ensure minimal complications and travel success in spite of limitations. Here are some practical tips to help you travel safely and efficiently as an individual with significant mobility disability.

Choose Suitable Transportation 

You should select the right mode of transport to match your needs. Poor choice of transportation method and lack of preparation can cause frustration and disappointment. Fortunately, there are numerous options to consider, and you are bound to find a good match. If you are travelling to a relatively close destination, you can use public transportation. There is accessible public infrastructure in most regions to support the needs of persons with mobility disabilities.

You will find trains and buses with clearly indicated signs on accommodating individuals with disabilities. You can also choose to hire an independent car for your journey. Make sure that the company is aware of your needs so that they will make appropriate arrangements. If you are planning on travelling on a plane, you should check the airline policies on travelling with a wheelchair. You might need to have your mobility device stowed in the hold, and you will need a suitable purpose-built seat.

Plan for Accommodation

If you are going to remain in your destination for a specific period, you should make certain that you have the best accommodation. Poor choice of hotels can cause unnecessary discomfort and might limit independence. It is prudent to make a detailed inquiry about wheel-chair accessible rooms before making your booking. You should ensure that there are good rooms in your chosen hotel to match your needs. It is important to make a reservation early to avoid missing your preferred room. You should also remember to check the accessibility of the different attractions, institutions and businesses you plan on visiting.

Consider Getting a Companion

Finally, you should think about having a companion to provide disability support during the journey. You can have your family member or close friend accompany you for the trip. However, you can also consult a specialist disability support service to provide a professional experienced in helping persons with limited mobility. The expert will provide guidance and assistance in navigating difficult travel situations while ensuring that you retain your independence.